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Grow your followers, engagement and opportunities at a slow and steady pace.

$320 USD

the common ground

Grow at a moderate pace with targeted approaches to fine tune an audience to your liking.

$465 USD

the social power house

Grow at the fastest rate with custom targeting. Best of all? This package includes all the bells and whistles (worthy add-ons below).

$549 USD

custom plans

Committed to your IG growth? We are too. We can customize and highly tailor a bundle just for you with a full team growing your account.

$800 USD
starting monthly


$85 USD monthly 

Have some manners and improve your engagement rates by having us send a custom message to users the moment they follow you.

$145 USD monthly 

Have the most premium version of our service with growth at highest speeds. More comments, more follows, more impact.. faster.

$249 USD monthly 

Have one of our team members to consult with 24/7 about any Instagram related advice or issues, even their opinion on which selfie is better.


1) Plans must be prepaid and are only offered in 3 month terms at a time. Your plan will not auto-renew. We want to always make sure you're fully satisfied with the service without any obligations.  We will reach out once your plan is over to give you the option to keep your plan, downgrade your plan or upgrade your plan. There are no cancellation fees once your term is completed.

2) There are no refunds for any reason- however you may transfer your package to another username/account for a $45 transfer fee.

3) The expected number of followers, likes and comments depends on the quality of your content. Some accounts grow faster than others. We are happy to help you with our design or photography services should you require our assistance for impactful content.

4) Your account must be public. We will require your username and password to access your account for the duration of your term. Not to worry, we only need it to plug into our system. Your inbox (DM's) will never be accessed by anyone. It's part of our confidentiality agreement. We don't store, give away or otherwise distribute your information to any third parties.

5) We will audit, manage and maintain the growth of your account and make any strategic tweaks to ensure you are getting the most value out of your custom automation. If you would like to tweak the target audience at any time, simply let us know and we will have a revised strategy within 5 business days. A complete change of strategic direction will be implemented with a $175 USD fee.

6) Instagram changes it's algorithms time-to-time. We take several precautions to ensure we're on top of these changes. That said, we may need a few days to adjust your account to reflect the new algorithm. 

7) Part of our unique formula incorporates a hashtag and geotargeting strategy that represents the interests of the audience you most desire to target. Hashtags are public and can be utilized by any person/account. Instagram is an open forum, anything is possible. Although uncommon, it is possible that your account may follow or be followed by an account you'd rather not be associated with. In this case, simply block and unblock the user to sever the following relationship. We are not responsible for any undesired followers/followings or inappropriate messages/comments you may receive.

8) It is your sole responsibility to comply with Instagram rules and any legislation that you are subject to. Please subscribe to the automation at your own risk. We are not responsible for your actions and their consequences. We are not to blame if your Instagram account is banned for any reason.